In terms of living on a greener planet
that's better equipped for future generations…

Do you want to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem?


"Sustainable Development" explores many areas that are of great concern to citizens of Planet Earth. This book will help you better understand what the problems are, what the root causes are and most importantly, what YOU can do to help.

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The current state of the environment is of great concern to many people. Not only are people aware of the fact that the environment is in big trouble but many are ready to do something to help slow down the degradation of the planet and make positive changes so that we can live on a cleaner, more sustainable earth. 

You can make a difference if you have the knowledge about what needs to happen in order to make a positive change. People often think that the actions of many are needed in order to change the way the world operates. This is true but it happens with one person at a time and you, personally, are able to do three things:

  • Learn

  • Change

  • Teach

Learn what you can do to change your life and reduce your carbon footprint. Implement changes and then pass on the information and teach it to your children!

There are many reasons for learning about sustainable development including improving air quality for your family and saving costs in the long run as well as improving your health. The "Sustainable Development" eBook can help you.

Beyond turning the lights off and walking to work (which are definitely helpful!) the book "Sustainable Development" will help you learn about many areas that need to be explored for positive change.

"Sustainable Development" is a thorough resource that researches the full scope of the problem looking in depth at areas that include: agriculture, atmosphere, biodiversity, biotechnology, capacity building, climate change, consumption and production patterns, demographics, desertification, drought, disaster reduction, education, reducing carbon emissions with sustainable energy, finance, forests, water, hazardous waste, health, Industry, law, land management, mountains, poverty, sanitation, science, solid waste, sustainable tourism, technology, toxic chemicals, trade, transportation, and more.

Sustainable Development looks at the consequences of inaction such as:

drought, flood, fire, lighting storms, hurricanes, impact of water supplies, extinction of animals, proliferation of pests and bacteria, interruption to food supply, population displacement due to severe weather and natural disasters and other important issues as well.

This thorough book also looks at how a difference can be made with power sources that don't require burning for fuel including: 

  • Solar Energy 

  • Wind Energy

  • Bio Fuels

  • Water Power

  • Geothermal Power

  • And more

As scary as it is to think about the state of the current environment, the good news is that no matter where you live or what your status is, you have the ability to impact change by the products you use and the companies you support as well as with the influence you have over local politicians.

Reading "Sustainable Development" will provide you with the perfect resource for everything to do with changing the world around you and doing something about the damage that has been done due to manufacturing and the world's addiction to oil and burning of other organic matter. Not only will you learn about how to approach problems in the world but you'll be able to deal with issues in your own back yard that will impact the environment and the future

Are you ready to get knowledgeable and effect change? If so, you need to grab a copy of "Sustainable Development" right now! This book answers many questions and delves into how society as a whole needs to change and how you as an individual can change.

Regardless of how old you are, it's never too late to reduce your carbon footprint and you can take the knowledge gained in this book and make a change in your community as well.

People throughout the world need to get working towards sustainable development of the world. It's starting to happen. Are you ready to lend a hand?

Whether it comes from businesses or individuals and manufacturers of products to sustainable farming, everyone can make a difference.

So, where should you start? 

You probably have no idea how many bad habits you have that contribute to the world's problem. From how much you drive your car to the fast and / or processed food your family might eat and the types of products you consume, you can take baby steps that can make a huge difference.

This eBook will guide you through knowledge about the problems and the consequences and will provide you with easy to implement changes you can begin with and help you make a difference.

Changes at home can make a vast difference and you'll learn about:

  • Saving energy in your home

  • Conserving water

  • Furnishing your home in a more environmentally friendly way

  • Gardening and landscaping in a more environmentally friendly way

  • Being more environmentally friendly at work

  • And more.  

In "Sustainable Development" you'll do more than hear about problems, you'll learn about how solutions will come about. And, because knowledge is power, you'll be able to move forward confidently about the future and the way you're paving for your children and grandchildren.

But there's more!

Also, if you order a copy of "Sustainable Development"," you will receive a copy of the special report, "Our Planet Is In Danger!" 

This compelling report demonstrates the fact that the writing is on the wall regarding climate change and warning signs of things to come if the world's population and this report goes in great detail with information that you need to know including primary and secondary effects of climate change as well as factors that will accelerate global warming. 

As an example, "If everyone in North America were driving a 50mpg hybrid vehicle to work tomorrow morning, a potential one quarter or, about 20 barrels of oil per person, could be saved each year." Reading the book and report will show you the vast difference that a small change such as the above could make in the world.

Being aware of the current state of the environment, what is being done about it and what YOU can do about it can pave the road for a cleaner, greener tomorrow. If we don't do something, the problem will continue to fester and grow!

In "Sustainable Development" you will have an opportunity to get a great amount of knowledge about the problems the world is facing and how change can happen and you can literally take the future of your children and grandchildren and have a positive impact on it.

The detail that the book goes into on allows you to have a clearer level of understanding of what needs to happen.

But what about specific concerns?

Many specific areas of concern are addressed in this book that impact urban, suburban and rural areas and specific areas of the environment and the world.

But what are you really getting from these books?

When you order a copy of "Sustainable Development", you're not only getting a comprehensive book of information but you'll get to understand solutions that can really make a difference!


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Sustainable Development ebook 

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Here is an excerpt of the book


The average citizen can have a tremendous impact. There are now 6.7 billion reasons why this is true. That was a common refrain of the social movements of the 1960s and the second phase of what some might call "organic" awareness as the first oil crisis of the 1970s hit the US and other more developed nations hard.

The word economy did hit a stall and decline during the first spike in oil prices. Increases since 2003 have had a similarly large impact. Reducing carbon emissions throughout the world will have to be met with vast increases in the output of renewable resources to avert disastrous economic difficulties.

The best part of this eBook is that you don't have to wait another minute or head into a crowded store to pick up a copy. You can start learning and reading in just minutes.


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